Bali Jungle Hopper Packages

Bali Jungle Hopper Packages Is A Bali Sapari And Marine Park Tour Packages By Offer Unforgettable Tour And Education Experience Among The More Than 100 Species Of Animal

Bali Jungle Hopper Packages

Jungle Hopper Packages In Bali Sapari And Marine Park

Bali Jungle Hopper Packages is one of Bali Safari and Marine Park packages which very famous for visitors who comes to this place. The packages offers an unforgettable tour and education experience among the more than 100 species of animals housed at the recreational park and active wildlife conservation center, Bali Safari Marine Park. Book this package and get one time Safari Journey Trip, Front of The Line, Fresh Water Aquarium, one time Animal Encounter, entry the Water Park, and one time Fun Zone Rides!

Filled holiday in Bali and visiting Bali Safari & Marine Park, select a package Jungle Hopper. You will be invited adventure and a close look at endangered species of wild life. The combination of Balinese culture that is strong and wild, creating an impression that will not be forgotten

Jungle Hopper Packages Price

  • Adult : USD.54/Person
  • Child : USD.44/Person
  • Toddler : Free

Jungle Hopper Packages Incuded

  • Safari journey ( 1x )
  • Animal Show, Harimau Show and Elephant Show
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Fun Zone ( 1x )
  • Waterpark
  • Bali Agung Show ( Silver seat )
  • Taxes and Duties
  • Prices include All Government Tax

Remaks :

  • Bali Agung Performance Start at 14.30 PM
  • Fun Zone Rides (BIG) ride selections are Spinning Coaster, Flume Ride, Boom Boom Boats,  Bumper Car  (Can be change without prior notice)
  • Above Packages Price is not include return hotel transfer


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