Bali Parasailing Tour At Tanjung Benoa Beach

Bali Parasailing Tour is a Bali Water Sports Tour package to enjoy parasailing in Bali Islands. The parasailor is strapped into a harness which is attached to the parasail canopy and connected to the speed boat via a rope. Is a exciting Bali Water Sports activity. Basic steering instructions for landings are given before takeoff. Once the parasailor is ready, the beach crew signals the boat driver to power up and tighten the tow rope inflating the parasail canopy.

Enjoying Bali Parasailing Activities In Tanjung Benoa Beach


The parasailor is then instructed to step, walk or run forward towards the boat/line. The boat speeds up sending the parasailor skyward. Once aloft, altitude is controlled by boat speed. Initially the boat travels into the wind the boat speed is constantly adjusted to maintain the desired height. The driver reduces speed hence allowing the parasail to descend.

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Intructions | Bali Parasailing Nusa Dua Beach

By using the umbrella parachute you will be pulled by speed boat and move around the beaches of Tanjung Benoa. Travelers who want to enjoy the Bali Parasailing activities, before start the activity you will be briefed by experienced insructor . Starting from way before flying , when in the air and how to landing. The parachute would be costumized with your weight to make balance and comfort in the air.

After all the tools installed the parachute will be pulled by the boat ,then you can litle bit run and then ready to fly. The distance between the rope to the speed boat about 80 meters . The speed boat will be driven by 2 guides one as a boat driver and the other as a instuctor to commander to the guest in the air .One round approximately 4-5 minutes .

Regarding all the equipment which used secured and 100% safe and you do need to worry about the equipment. If you don’t want to fly alone you can ask to be accompanied by an experienced and well-trained instructors . This water sport game issuitable for tourists from 10 years old to 60 years old . Children who want to try the  Bali Parasailing , do not be afraid . The instructors are ready to accompany you fly freely in the air .

If you want to try Bali Parasailing – Tanjung Benoa, you have to use beach wear such as simple clothing to make easier installation the parasailing equipment . Do not forget to use a moisturizer or lotion to protect the skin from the sun . From a distance looks a view of a colorful parachute umbrellas that adorn the beautiful beaches of Tanjung Benoa Bali.

Bali Parasailing Price

  • Bali Parasailing : USD 20 nett/person


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The prices above are not include hotel transfers, Additional charge applies :

  • Nusa Dua : USD 10/car (max 6 person/car)
  • Jimbaran : USD 15/car (max 6 person/car)
  • Kuta, Legian : USD 20/car (max 6 person/car)
  • Seminyak, Kerobokan, Sanur : USD 20/car (max 6 person/car)