Payung Rafting Ubud – White Water Rafting At Ayung River

Payung Rafting Ubud is one of the Bali rafting adventure company, that available at Ayung river Ubud. We recommend Payung Rafting in Ubud to our customers due to it offers excellent services for the staff and the river rafting guide, also value for money.


Payung Rafting Ubud The Best One Adventure At Ayung River

Before we write down about Payung Rafting Ubud, is a good idea if we write down a bit about Ubud village. One of a village in Bali that very well known for Balinese art and cultures. Most travelers who have visited the island of Bali more than once must have heard about Ubud or have visited it. Most of all, there are many things that you can do if you travel to Ubud, and you can find out more here attractions in Ubud.

Besides Balinese art and culture at Ubud Village, you also can have white water rafting Bali. The river used for white water rafting in Ubud called Ayung river.

First of all, Ayung river rafting Bali rapid class can be categories and suitable for a beginner and classified as grade II-III river rapids class

While Ayung river offers class II rapids and class III rapids, which is very appropriate for beginner and children. So if you are a first timer and not a good swimmer, Ayung River rafting adventures are very suitable for you.

Ayung river rafting Ubud offers a unique sensation that you will not get it in other places. Therefore, you will find hidden natural waterfalls, the Ayung river in Ubud has clear water.

Ayung River Ubud has a 10-kilometer route, approximately 2 hours rafting trip duration. Professional rafting guide always accompanied you and gave you instructions on things to do during Ayung River Rafting Ubud. As long you follow the river rafting guide instructions, and everything will run smooth.

Most of our customers that choose to do Ayung Rafting Ubud Bali came from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and Indian, while Australian tourist more prefers to choose Telaga Waja rafting for their Bali rafting adventures.

Well-known Ayung River Rafting Companies

As a result, no wonder there are many rafting companies in Ubud Bali available today, which you can choose. There are two main big rafting operators in Ubud, and there are:

Due to above Bali rafting companies have well-known for their excellent services and safety standard, this will impact on the white water rafting Ubudprice that they offer. Please click the links above to find out more about Bali white water rafting price with Bali Sobek or Bali Adventure Tours.

Payung Rafting Ubud

Most travelers who came to Bali are love to try white water rafting Ayung river Ubud. But some of them have difficulty in budgeting. Therefore, we as one of water sports agents in Bali need to figure out! How can we offer our customers a rafting experience in Ubud, with lower price without sacrificing service and safety standard on Bali rafting adventures?

In conclusion, the only way we can make sure, we get the right white water rafting operator in Bali. So we can recommend to our customers, is by trying to do white water rafting with a less well-known rafting company at Ayung river Ubud. Therefore, we tried six different, less well-known rafting companies at Ayung river Ubud, and we hide our identity as a Bali water sports agent. To make sure, we get the same service as our customers will get. Also, the period of trial duration is in two months, and of course we did not do it every day.

Consequently, we tried twice on each rafting company at Ayung River Ubud. Therefore, the conclusion that we get on less well-known Ayung Rafting company, which offers an affordable price with maintaining their excellent services and safety standard, is Payung Rafting Ubud.

Payung Rafting Ubud Price :

  • USD.25/Person

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Price of Payung Rafting Ubud Includes

  • Pick up and transfer services (some area in Bali, additional charges will be applied, please see the chart below).
  • 21% service charge & government tax.
  • Drinking water.
  • International standard safety approves of rafting equipment.
  • A professional river rafting guide on each of the boat.
  • Shower facilities and fresh towels.
  • Changing rooms and restroom.
  • Indonesian buffet style of lunch.
  • USD 10.000, maximum insurance coverage, provide by Bali Payung Rafting.
  • Age allows to join Payung Rafting in Ubud is from 9 – 65 years old.
  • Our online Payung Rafting price only applies if customers make a booking with Wira Rafting Bali.
  • Publish price for Payung Rafting immediately applies, if customers make a direct booking or walk in booking with Payung Rafting Ubud.

Pick – Up Time Payung Rafting Ubud : 

Trip Morning Time
Nusa Dua – Jimbaran 07.45 – 08.15
Kuta 08.00 – 08.30
Sanur 08.30 – 09.00
Ubud 08.45 – 09.15

Duration of Payung Rafting ubud

  • 30 minutes Duration of preparations will take.
  • 1.5 – 2 hours durations of rafting adventure.
  • 1 – 1.5 hours for a shower, changes clothes, and buffet lunch.

Please Bring Below Items

  • Swimming wear.
  • Dressed in a river sandal or sports shoes is recommended.
  • Sun cream for your skin.
  • New clothes for a change after rafting.
  • Plastic bag to wrap your wet clothes.

Furthermore, if you would like to bring your valuable item, don’t worry! Therefore, you may ask your rafting guide to take it for you. So, they will keep your precious item in a water-resistant protective bag. Consequently, in a case of loss or damage of your valuable items, insurance excluded.

At the finish point, the staff there will display your pictures during your rafting trips. Therefore, if you would like to buy your pictures, please ask your river rafting guide.

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